Author: bridgette

kioptrix level 1 – vulnhub challenge

Posted by in pentesting, on June 15, 2018

Open up kioptrix in one vm Open up kali in 2nd vm Both vm’s are “bridged” Don’t know anything…username/password We do know that the following services are running: (from the details provided on vulnhub) • Apache • OpenSSH • RPC • Samba When the OS boots up an IP is assigned. Use netdiscover to find […]

Sickos 1.1 – vulnhub challenge

Posted by in pentesting, on April 22, 2017

After reading quite a few OSCP reviews, I have decided that I should take some time and start plugging away at some challenges. OSCP is a hands-on certification unlike the other certs out there, and I feel like I should immerse myself into preparing as much as I can before I sign on for it. […]

Scratchpad – Building the Android Kernel

Posted by in scratchpad, on March 20, 2015

/* Initialize Environment and Download source */ /* Download specific kernel */ git clone *** when download is finished, you will have an empty directory until you checkout something *** /* list branches available */ git branch -a git branch -a –contains <commit> /* checkout what you are after (a specific branch and/or […]